How it all began - Step 1

The robbery

Steve Stiffler was VIR's Chief Operating Officer. On May 2nd he put his plan into motion. He'd been planning the robbery of his employer's offices with his wife, Patty Stiffler and their sidekick Tiffany Sloan-Lipps. Their goal - steal credit card information, social security numbers, money, computers, ipads, iphones and personal client data.

Step 2

The cameras

To cover up his actions, Steve unplugged the cameras that he had access to unplug and cover up the office cameras that he couldn't unplug, so that nobody could see his nefarious deeds. In one of the court transcripts, he said We were covering up the cameras so that Alistair could not see us closing down his business.

Step 3

Bank Fraud

On the very next day, May 3rd, Steve and Patty Stiffler walked into Wells Fargo with a forged document stating that the CEO, Alistair Barrett-Powell had resigned. Steve proceeded to commit bank fraud by removing Alistair from the business accounts (including client escrow accounts) and adding Patty onto those accounts giving her full access to client money. Once completed, Steve & Patty EMPTIED the business accounts.

Step 4

Empty Bank

Once Steve and Patty were on those business accounts, they EMPTIED them - transferring escrow funds into their own personal bank accounts. It was more money than they could have dreamed of. Before they were given the opportunities at VIR, Steve was a school bus driver and Patty was a dental assistant.

Step 5

Change Name

The next step in Stiffler's diabolical plan was to change the name of the company from VIR Home Watch to White Pelican Home Services which is the name of the company he is currently operating.

More coming daily...

We have around 1,000 pages of evidence and we're culling them down so we don't bore you.

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For those of you that know Patty Stiffler - for someone that NEVER worked at The VIR Group she sure says how much she "hated working there" and why is someone that never "performed[ing] any work" why would she have bank account access to that company??