Wendy Goodman-Sudberg

Talk about the most difficult and unstable person we have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Her communications changed from minute to minute and usually incohesive during happy hour.

The start

1122 Tall Pine Lane

So we signed up Wendy Sudberg as a new client on 4/13/2017 - she was a little eccentric but most of the people in The Villages are eccentric or entitled so it was nothing new. On 6/12/2017 she went to the house and paid someone to rip the locks off. Locked VIR out of the house and locked OUR golf cart in her garage DEMANDING we pay $500 for her to release our cart from her garage.

Payment to VIR was NSF

The only payment that Wendy Sudberg had to make to VIR was the administration fee.

It bounced for insufficient funds.

Remember the $500 she asked for to release our golf cart?? The very same...

Remember the $500 later when she says VIR "stole $500" from me...

Then the crazy

In the next 72 hours, Wendy Sudberg went CRAZY all online. Saying she lost money on her first deal, how we had scammed her etc etc.

No reason why - just decided that she KNEW she had done something wrong and rather than be big, she was going to be an idiot and dig her heels in.

We filed a lawsuit

So we filed a lawsuit... Defamation and tort.

Did you know that it is illegal / an attorney can lose his license to practice law for filing a FALSE/FRAUDULENT lawsuit??

We don't do that. We stick to facts - not fluster and court of Facebook...

The family gets involved

Her son, Matthew, viciously verbally attacked the process server and also the owners of VIR.

Click here to see the FULL GALLERY of her son's text messages... (WARNING: Be aware their content is disturbing).

She flat out denied there was a lawsuit and VIR was lying .....

September 5th, 2017 at 07:18am she posted the image to the left. August 11th was when Matthew Sudberg went completely off on Alistair...

Disturbing that she takes to social media to say "it's a bold face lie" that she's in litigation almost a month later... Who's the liar???

Oh she didn't like that

It took from 6/20/2017 until 10/18/2017 for the process server to finally serve her.

She was hiding in her home and running away to the Poconos Mountains to avoid service.

CLICK HERE to read just a few of the hundreds of postings Wendy Sudberg made online. Worth reading before you read the final settlement paperwork...

Finally we convinced her to settle

She dug her heels in and said that she had done NOTHING wrong and, once again the stuck record, VIR OWES ME TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

What a load of horse shit. We only had the woman's house for 2 months of which is was rented for a week. Listen Sudberg, your house isn't worth "tens of thousands" for a week... Never will be.


Out of everyone we have ever dealt with - In our opinion, Sudberg is certifiably cuckoo.